Messages from Spirit Helping You Discover Your Inner Light

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Discover the Way to Living a Better Life 

The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.  Find your own inner light with help from Higher Self Services.  I offer accurate, personalized, and professional readings to clients in Columbus, Ohio, as well as Internationally to those who are in need of my services. 

Services available in person, via phone, Skype, or Facetime. 

Through these readings, I provide intuitive messages and guidance that will benefit you greatly.

When you work with me, expect nothing less than honesty.

I will always tell you what you need to hear as opposed to what you wish to hear. 

Services Offered

(Can Be Done Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)

   Psychic Readings

  • In Person or by Phone/FaceTime/Skype/Facebook
    • 30 Minute Reading - $60.00
    • 1 Hour Reading - $100.00 

30 Minute Psychic Reading

1 Hour Psychic Reading

Reiki Distance Healing Session

The service fee is $30.00/session. Please note that a photo is required prior to the session.

Science of Mind Prayer Treatment

  • In Person or by Phone/FaceTime/Skype
    • Initial Consultation and Treatment - $100.00
    • Individual Treatment - $35.00 each
    • Series of Seven Treatments - $100.00

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During a spiritual mind treatment, also known as affirmative prayer or scientific prayer, we realize that there is one Infinite Universal presence that permeates everything in the universe, including each and every one of us. 

When we cultivate this mindset, we discover and accept new possibilities in life. We are then able to see, feel, and speak of the good we desire as if it were already ours. We allow the universe to work its magic. 

Getting treatment is not about convincing God to do something for us. It is about becoming aware of God's presence within us.

We achieve this with the following steps: 

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  1. Recognition – We acknowledge that within the universe, there is one pervading presence. It is a force encompassing everything in existence, an energy from which all things are made. Throughout the ages, people have called this entity "God." However, its name is not important. What matters is that we recognize the truth and existence of this presence.
  2. Unification – Having recognized the power of the presence that is everywhere within the universe, we realize that this same presence does not end where we begin. It is the energy that life is made of. It is within us. In this step, we come to terms with who and what we really are: divine beings made of God's energy, living human experiences.
  3. Realization - We name our desires with the feeling that as we do this, it is already ours. We are moving away from the "wanting" to the "having."

4. Thanksgiving – In this step, we nurture gratitude. The source of "all that is" does not need our gratitude to function. Rather, gratitude opens our consciousness to receiving even better things and living better experiences. The law of the universe states that what we focus on is what manifests in our experiences. When we turn our attention to the good things we already have, we can only attract better things.

5. Release – When all previous steps have been accomplished, we then begin to entrust ourselves fully to the wisdom and love of the universe.

Science of Mind Prayer - Initial Consultation and Treatment

Science Of Mind Prayer - Individual Treatment

Science of Mind Prayer - Series of Seven Treatments

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